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This page will contain news from official Kiz Studios social media websites as well as posts on the forums! All times posted here will be according to EST time.

August 25 2015Edit

Twitch Ninjette

Tune in today at 4:30 pm EST to watch our devs play live with Ninjette! 11:50 AM -Emomiime

August 24 2015Edit

Maps Spoiler Update

Kiz logo

Kiz Studios has responded back to my email and soon the "Maps" Section of the Wikia will have a special surprise! 11:54 am. --Emomiime

August 21 2015Edit

Ninjette Update
New Champion Ninjette

Welcome, Ninjette, to the Trans-Galactic Tournament! Ninjette's a thief first and a champ second, but schooling her enemies live on Trans-Galactic TV is the best advertising in the universe for her line of work. Her one-two punch of stealth and sudden strikes are an unstoppable combo in the arena. And her allegiance is to no one; she's just in it for the thrill of battle and the cold hard cash. Trans-Galactic Tournament is what Ninjette does to relax. Think about that for a moment.-- 3:00 pm

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