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Rook may have been sleeping for thousands of years, but now she's awake and ready to prove herself. No one really knows where she came from, but they will all know better than to get in the way of her mystical powers. Rook is out and ready to fight now that she's awake again.

Hints Edit

  • Rook can use Shadow Mist to teleport instantly, leaving behind a zone that severely stuns enemies. This makes her excellent at evading enemy attacks and carrying the Plunderball.
  • Rook creates a Crystal Wall, preventing enemies from passing through. This can be used to trap opponents trying to flee as well.
  • Rook goes stealth after standing still for 2 seconds.
  • Each time Rook uses a Skill, other Skills on cooldown will be ready faster.

Skills Edit

Arcane Blast (Basic Attack) Edit

Shoot the first enemy in line!

  • Rook shoots in a line in the specified direction, the first enemy hit takes 100 Physical Damage.

Dark Bolts Edit

Launches two bolts of dark energy that damage, slow down, and make their targets lose damage resistance.

  • Shoots 2 bolts that seek out the 2 closest enemies. Deals 300 Elemental Damage and inflicts -50% Damage Resistance and -30 Movement Speed for 5 seconds.

Crystal Wall Edit

Creates a wall of crystals at targeted location.

  • Create a wall of Crystals. Each Crystal has 250 Health and lasts for 8 seconds.

Shadow Mist Edit

Teleports and leaves a cloud that stuns and makes attackers heal themselves. She gains damage resistance.

  • Teleports to the targeted location, leaving behind a cloud that lasts for 3 seconds. Inflicts enemies within the field with Stun for 1 second and heals enemies who attack them for 40 Health for 5 seconds. After teleporting, you gain 60% Damage Resistance for 30 seconds.
Dark Bolts Crystal Wall Shadow Mist
Energy Cost 300 200 400
Casting Time 0.2 0 0
Cooldown 5 9 9
Range 18 16 8

Traits Edit

Skillful Edit

When Rook uses a skill, other skills cooldown faster.

  • When Rook uses a Skill, all other Skills in Cooldown have their time reduced by 1 second.

Prowl Edit

Rook becomes Stealthed when stationary.

  • After 2 seconds of not moving, attacking, or using a Skill, Rook gains Stealth. Moving, taking damage, using Skills, or attacking will cancel this effect.

Stats Edit

Attack Damage Attack Speed Critical Chance Critical Damage Bonus Max Health Health Regeneration
100 1 4.5% 200% 1125 3
Max Energy Energy Regeneration Physical Resistance Elemental Resistance
1500 32 30% 27%

Weapons Edit

Bats Edit

  • +20% Attack Damage
  • +5% Critical Chance
  • Shadow Mist's Energy Cost is reduced by 20%

Cards Edit

  • +20% Attack Speed
  • Dark Bolts deals 15% additional damage.

Crystals Edit

  • +10% Physical Resistance
  • +10% Elemental Resistance
  • +10% Energy Regen
  • After respawning, Rook's first Skill used has its Energy Cost reduced by 100%

Orbs Edit

  • +20% Max Health
  • +20% Health Regen
  • Crystal Wall's Cooldown time is reduced by 10%

Skins Edit

Guides Edit

Emomiime's Rook Build

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