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Story Edit

A platypus who dresses as a unicorn, Platimus is out for blood. He's throwing tiny versions of himself at the enemy, which some might consider "crazy" but most realize is actually terrifying. Platypus always has something new up his sleeve, and is willing to be the most insane Champion on the field.

Hints Edit

  • Collect your own eggs for a large boost to survivability.
  • Put out eggs constantly, they will stick around and help allies when you are knocked out.
  • Don't be afraid to use Rainbow Spray when you have no Puggles attached, it can heal your allies and swing a battle.
  • Egg Buffs don't stack with each other, so spread them out to cover a larger area
  • Nesting Burrow has a slowing effect enemies. You can use it to catch them or retreat.

Skills Edit

Piercing Unicorn (Basic Attack) Edit

Smash in an arc!

  • Platypus attacks in a narrow arc, damaging the first enemy hit for 132 Physical Damage. This ability can crack fully mature eggs.

Rainbow Blast Edit

Platimus shoots a wave of energy, damaging enemies and healing allies.

  • Allies hit restore 440 Health. Deals 440 Elemental Damage to enemies. If the enemy does not have a Puggle attached, transfer one. On allies, grants 10% Attack Damage and 10% Skill Effectiveness for 30 seconds. On enemies, inflict -20% Movement Speed and -50 Damage every second for 10 seconds.

Nesting Burrow Edit

Platimus puts down a nest, healing allies and slowing enemies.

  • Allies inside the Nesting Burrow restore 85 Health each second. Enemies inside this zone are inflicted with -40% Movement Speed for 6 seconds. This zone lasts for 5 seconds. Nesting zones do not stack.

Egg Toss Edit

Platimus tosses out an egg that restores energy and increases attack speed.

  • Throw an egg to the targeted location. Eggs created take 15 seconds to mature. Allies near one or more eggs gain 20% Attack Speed. You can have a maximum of 3 eggs out at a time.
Rainbow Blast Nesting Burrow Egg Toss
Energy Cost 300 400 400
Casting Time 0.2 0.2 0.2
Cooldown 8 8 9
Range 12 6 12

Traits Edit

Egg Cracker Edit

Platimus can crack mature eggs.

  • Platimus's Basic Attack will target and crack fully matured eggs. When he does, a new Puggle is attached to him. Each Puggle attached grants +6% Damage Resistance, and +5% Skill Effectiveness. Platimus can have a maximum of 3 Puggles attached at a single time.

Incubator Edit

Platimus doubles the maturity rate of nearby eggs.

  • Platimus doubles the maturation rate of eggs within 6 units of him.

Stats Edit

Attack Damage Attack Speed Critical Chance Critical Damage Bonus Max Health Health Regeneration
132 1 2.5% 200% 1250 3
Max Energy Energy Regeneration Physical Resistance Elemental Resistance
1925 34 14% 16%

Weapons Edit

Unihorn Edit

  • +10% Attack Damage
  • +10% Max Energy
  • After respawning, Platimus gains 10% Movement Speed for 5 seconds

Clobber Helm Edit

  • +10% Health Regen
  • +10% Max Health
  • Rainbow's Blast's Energy Cost is reduced by 20%

Skins Edit

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