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Story Edit

Ninjette is fast. Really, you didn't see her go by, she's that fast. She moves through any battlefield like a ghost, and gets the drop on slower opponents 99,9% of the time - which is pretty much Ninjette getting the drop on everyone. Ninjette is always at the right place to attack at the worst possible time for her enemies.

Hints Edit

  • Ninjette has high speed and attack damage, but low health and defenses.
  • Ninjette can use Grapple to close the distance to enemies and stun them for a short time.
  • Ninjette will critically hit enemies when she has Stealth.

Skills Edit

Slicer (Basic Attack) Edit

Smash in an arc!

  • Ninjette attacks in a narrow arc, damaging the first enemy hit for 154 Physical Damage.

Blade Fury Edit

Smashes at enemies in front of Ninjette, reducing their resistances.

  • Deals 600 Physical Damage. Inflicts -50% Damage Resistance for 5 seconds.

Grapple Edit

Pulls Ninjette to the targeted enemy, stunning them and making her Skills more powerful.

  • Deals 350 Physical Damage to the first enemy hit and inflict Stun for 2 seconds. You are pulled toward the enemy, stopping when you reach their location, then gain 50% Skill Effectiveness for 5 seconds.

Slip Stream Edit

Ninjette becomes invisible to the enemy for a short period of time.

  • Gains Stealth for 15 seconds.
Blade Fury Grapple Slip Stream
Energy Cost 400 400 700
Casting Time 0 0.2 0
Cooldown 7 8 6
Range 8 20 0

Traits Edit

Energize Edit

Ninjette's Basic Attacks steal 3 Energy from enemies.

  • Ninjette's Basic Attacks steal 3 Energy from enemies.

Shadow Stalker Edit

When Stealthed, Ninjette's next attack is a critical

  • When Ninjette attacks from Stealth, the attack is a critical.

Stats Edit

Attack Damage Attack Speed Critical Chance Critical Damage Bonus Max Health Health Regeneration
154 1 10% 200% 963 3
Max Energy Energy Regeneration Physical Resistance Elemental Resistance
1375 26 12% 10%

Energize Edit

Ninjette's Basic Attack steals 3 Energy from enemies.

Shadow Stalker Edit

When Stealthed, Ninjette's next attack is a critical hit.

Weapons Edit

Katana Edit

  • +10% Attack Damage
  • +10% Max Health
  • +10% Max Energy
  • After respawning, Ninjette's first Skill used has its Energy Cost reduced by 100%

Twirler Edit

  • +10% Physical Resistance
  • +10% Elemental Resistance
  • +10% Energy Regen
  • Blade Flurry deals 20% additional damage.

Spear Edit

  • +20% Max Health
  • +10% Health Regen
  • Grapple's Energy Cost is reduced by 20%

Baton Edit

  • +10% Physical Resistance
  • +10% Elemental Resistance
  • +10% Health Regen
  • Slip Stream's Cooldown time is reduced by 10%.

Skins Edit

Builds Edit

Emomiime's Ninjette Build

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