Story Edit

Leatherhead is the ultimate in both offense and defense. Able to protect himself in his thick shell, and throw ammunition from his turret, he's a talking tortoise on a mission. What that mission is, most aren't sure, but it generally leaves destruction in its wake. Right now he's bent on getting that Championship.

Hints Edit

  • Bunker Buster stuns enemies and is very efficient at it.
  • Leatherhead can use Shell Shock to slow down enemies and make them easier to hit.
  • Leatherhead and allies can become immune to Hexes with Mobile Fortress, making this and ideal skill to use at the start of a battle.

Skills Edit

Rocket Launcher (Basic Attack) Edit

Shoot the first enemy in line!

  • Leatherhead shots in a line in the specified direction, the first enemy hit takes 100 Physical Damage.

Shell Shock Edit

Lobs a massive shell at target location.

  • Deals 400 Physical Damage. Inflicts -40% Movement Speed for 5 seconds.

Mobile Fortress Edit

Boosts the resistances of nearby allies, reflect damage to enemies and grants immunity to debuffs.

  • You and your nearest ally within range gain Debuff Immunity, 1 Damage Resistance and 50 Damage Reflect for 5 seconds.

Bunker Buster Edit

Damages enemies in a line and stuns them.

  • Deals 500 Physical Damage. Inflicts Stun for 2 seconds.
Shell Shock Mobile Fortress Bunker Buster
Energy Cost 400 400 400
Casting Time 0.2 0 0.2
Cooldown 6 8 12
Range 15 16 20

Traits Edit

Hardened Armor Edit

Leathered gains 10% Attack Damage after taking damage.

  • Leathered gains 10% Attack Damage 2 seconds after taking damage.

Combat Veteran Edit

Every time leathered uses a skill, he restores 40 health.

  • Every time leathered uses a skill, he restores 40 health.

Stats Edit

Attack Damage Attack Speed Critical Chance Critical Damage Bonus Max Health Health Regeneration
100 1 1% 200% 1788 3
Max Energy Energy Regeneration Physical Resistance Elemental Resistance
1125 22 42% 37%

Weapons Edit

Turret Gun Edit

  • +10% Max Health
  • +10% Physical Resistance
  • +10% Elemental Resistance
  • +10% Energy Regen
  • After respawning, Leatherhead's first Skill used has its Energy Cost reduced by 100%

He Gun Edit

  • +10% Attack Damage
  • +20% Max Energy
  • Shell Shock's radius is increased by 10%

Eagle Gun Edit

  • +20% Max Health
  • +10% Health Regen
  • Mobile Fortress's Cooldown time is reduced by 10%

Slug Gun Edit

  • +20% Attack Damage
  • +5% Critical Chance
  • Bunker Buster deals 15% additional damage.

Skins Edit

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