Story Edit

When you need the Vet, you get Khan. Khan is the man with a plan, and the man who keeps everyone together. A survivor of Intergalactic war, he's now ready to get back into battle and be a champion.

Hints Edit

  • Khan can defend himself and allies with Ally Shield. Each time that ally is hit, Khan restores Energy.
  • Use Salvage Strike to keep Khan and the nearby allies alive.
  • Battle Plan allows Khan to improve his speed and that of his allies.

Skills Edit

Vet Bash (Basic Attack) Edit

Smash in an arc!

  • Khan attacks in a narrow arc, damaging the first enemy for 100 Physical Damage.

Salvage Strike Edit

Khan attacks his enemies and heals himself and a nearby ally.

  • Deals 500 Physical Damage. If the attack hits, you and your nearest ally gain 150 Health.

Ally ShieldEdit

Shields you and an ally, lowers damage, raises energy regeneration, and reflects some damage when hit.

  • You and your ally hit gain 50% Damage Resistance, 60% Energy Regeneration and 20% Damage Reflect for 5 seconds.

Battle Plan Edit

Khan and a nearby ally gain a bonus to attack speed, movement speed, skill effectiveness, and are healed over time.

  • You and your nearest ally in range gain 25% Attack Damage, 30% Movement Speed, 50% Skill Effectiveness, and 50 Health every second for 5 seconds.
Salvage Strike Ally Shield Battle Plan
Energy Cost 200 400 400
Casting Time 0 0 0
Cooldown 8 12 8
Range 8 16 16

Traits Edit

Shield Bearer Edit

Khan occasionally blocks enemy attacks, reducing damage.

  • Khan has a 15% chance to block any incoming Basic Attack or Skill. Each attack blocked reduces its damage by 25%

Share the Health Edit

When Khan takes damage, he heals a nearby ally.

  • When Khan takes damage, Khan restores 50 Health to the nearest ally within 12 Units. This effect has a 3 second cooldown.

Stats Edit

Attack Damage Attack Speed Critical Chance Critical Damage Bonus Max Health Health Regeneration
100 1 1% 200% 1838 3
Max Energy Energy Regeneration Physical Resistance Elemental Resistance
1625 30 32% 29%

Weapons Edit

Wreck Wrench Edit

  • +5% Max Health
  • +10% Physical Resistance
  • +10% Elemental Resistance
  • +5% Energy Regen
  • After re-spawning, Khan gains 25% Movement Speed for 4 seconds

Tune-Up Edit

  • +10% Attack Damage
  • +5% Critical Chance
  • After re-spawning, Khan's first skill used has its Energy Cost reduced by 100%

Great Year Edit

  • +10% Physical Resistance
  • +10% Elemental Resistance
  • +10% Health Regen
  • Ally Shield lasts an additional 1.5 seconds

Excalibur Edit

  • +10% Physical Resistance
  • +10% Elemental Resistance
  • +10% Energy Regen
  • Battle Plan increases Attack Damage by an additional 10%

Skins Edit

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