1.02 Patch Notes: (6/18/15)Edit

  • Now clearing asset bundles when entering the main menu. This eliminates out-of-memory errors and should reduce (but not eliminate) the likelihood of the game freezing during instance gameplay. We are still working on a 100% fix for the freeze bug.
  • Moved tutorial dialog boxes and skill description boxes up a bit for better legibility; they will no longer overlap other elements like the skill buttons on the HUD.
  • Removed a placeholder credits string.
  • Fixed controller status dialog box depth; if your controller disconnects (due to a depleted battery for example), the pop-up indicating this will now be on the top layer and fully visible no matter how many pop-ups are on-screen.
  • Updated localization files; some strings were cleaned up for spelling/grammar in both English and French.
  • Fixed issue where repeatedly pressing X when attempting to start a solo match lead to an inconsistent state.
  • Fixed "Triage" badge; it was not carrying out its expected function before.

1.03 Patch Notes: (6/29/15)Edit

  • The application no longer randomly hangs during gameplay.
  • Two text strings were fixed for grammatical errors.
  • Users should no longer encounter old inactive groups that appear to be active in the Groups List.
  • Clients in a group can no longer trigger a match on behalf of the group, only the host can do so now. This should eliminate a number of spin-off bugs encountered due to the client being able to trigger a group match.
  • Buying a workout and then quickly switching tabs will no longer show the workout on the wrong champ.
  • When selecting but not confirming a champ in lobby, the user will now still get that champ in-game. Doing so earlier would trigger a random champ for the user.
  • Pre-game camera paths in Annihilation mode are no longer placeholder; there should be no more clipping through world textures or awkward camera movements at the start of a game.

1.04 Patch Notes: (7/6/15)Edit

  • Users on the live environment should now be able to use the grouping feature and enter into games together without being broken up.
  • Clients will no longer become the host of the group when the host backs out, preventing a number of spin-off bugs from occurring.

1.05 Patch Notes: (7/31/15)Edit

  • Daily challenges will now update on the post-game summary screen.
  • Pickup items such as Health and Armor now have French voiceovers as opposed to English ones when the PS4 language is set to French.
  • Fixed issue where items purchased on the Store would sometimes be rewarded to the user multiple times upon each sign-in instead of just once per purchase.

1.06 Patch Notes: (8/14/15)Edit

  • Improvements to bot team selection
  • Reduce Champion selection timer
  • Fixed the issue where the player could carry the Plunderball into their spawn area

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